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There are only 2 items left in stock.
There are only 2 items left in stock.
Z-Cote Micronized Water Soluble Zinc Oxide powder is a microfine zinc oxide manufactured by BASF to give highly effective protection against long-ray UVA and UVB radiation. Z-Cotes microfine structure, with a particle size of less than 0.2 microns and water solubility, makes it a great choice for adding to your lotions, creams and mineral makeup formulations at a usage range of 2% - 25%. Some of Z-Cotes key attributes are its inorganic nature, making it hypo-allergenic and not causing of allergic reaction as well as its transparent nature, making it a great addition to your mineral makeup powders. Z-Cote will easily disperse into oil in water emulsions (such as lotions and creams) and is considered very gentle for the skin.

Please note that if you are creating your own sunscreen products for resale and are making a formal claim as to SPF protection you are required to adhere to the rules and regulations set forth by Health Canada and/or the FDA with regards to Sunscreen Regulations.