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Tea Tree Oil Treatment Shampoo | or Unscented

Tea Tree Oil Treatment Shampoo | or Unscented

Shampoo With Natural Ingredients shampoo for men, women, children - this may be a great way to treat and or prevent lice

4 ounce Shampoo bottle made naturally with sheep milk in Canada, treating your hair simple with suds, my on line unique shampoos are handmade at my sheep farm in Ontario. I mix coconut oil with sheep milk for the perfect mild suds shampoo treatment, give your hair a break from regular shampoo once or twice a week with naturally Canadian made sheep milk shampoo. Tea tree essential oil ( or an essential oil you can choose) can be added in the natural process in making my rustic farm shampoos. You can also choose unscented

It has bee read that natural shampoo can give you a slick back look us as hair products for men or women, fuzz control shampoo for men and women

Ingredients: Sheep milk, distilled water, coconut oil, lye, baking soda, essential oils

Shampoo Suds Recipe Naturally oil treat your hair with sheep milk

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