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Sunflower Shoot Kit

Sunflower Shoot Kit

Grow your own personal Microgreen Kits Online Canada, small sunflower shoots kits, grow the best microgreen kits with sifted soil, order container microgreen kits and instructions Canada.

Small micro green kits Canada, the sheep way.  DIY edible kits. Affordable micro shoot kits. Grow your own sunflower shoot kits the sheep with our natural sheep manure. Affordable micro shoot kits Do it yourself sunflower shoots,. Grow you own gmo free and organic edible plants indoors. All available in an all in one container. Shoot kits include salad container, organic / gmo free seeds, instructions, and our organic sheep manure. Why are my microgreen kits so special?? Because the soil that is provided is all natural pure sheep manure. Just grow and eat, give a fun and edible gift to your friends family. Great for a fun activity at parties, kids events, and more, these kits also make a fun give away, door prize and so on.

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