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Soy Pillar and Votive Wax Kingston Ontario Canada


NEW! - Improved Formulation for Votives and Soy Pillars!

100% Natural Botanical wax, ideal for making formed candles.

Attention: Variations in both color and texture of vegetable based wax (soy, coconut, and palm) is common

due to the natural characteristics of the ingredients.

We make every effort to confirm the wax we sell meets the quality standards and technical specifications set by the manufacturer.

For best results:
  • Heat wax to 180 F
  • Fold in fragrance up to 12%*
  • Cool to 140 F or lower, depending on desired results
  • Gently pour into your mold and allow to cool for 48 hours before burning.
* Do not over stir your wax can cause aeration. Always test your fragrance and wicks for proper burning qualities.