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Rosemary Essential Oil Spray by The Sheep Shelf

C$12.75 C$10.00

Multi Purpose Essential Rosemary Mist Recipe, Air, Body, Fabric, Laundry Plus!

Rosemary Essential oil Mist sprays Canada,  Rosemary essential oil uses:

True real rosemary scent recipe uses, use my rosemary essential oil spray for almost anything such as laundry spray, natural air spray, natural clothes spray, spray on your body to replace perfume giving you a pure a scent body , spray real rosemary on your tooth brush, freshener up you car rosemary style, truck, or van; spay rosemary essential oil mist in your liter box to keep fresh, or use as a  pure oil scent feminine spray and more. All my mist essential oil sprays are made in Canada, rosemary essential oils are added to the natural process making of my essential oil sprays.

Packaged in an 8 ounce clear fine mist spray bottle; the bottle comes with a scent title label 

Ingredients: distilled water, baking soda, rosemary essential oil

Canada True real rosemary scent recipe uses, what to do with rosemary 

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