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  • Tick Spray Repellent Kingston Ontario With Natural Essential Oils Including Garlic


    Natural Tick Herbal Spray 

    This is an effective spray to prevent ticks from burrowing in.

    Now Available in 1 Gallon Jug to Spray on Your Lawn

    Ingredients: distilled water, rose geranium, lemon grass, cedar wood, & lavender,peppermint,

    garlic essential oil, and vegetable glycerin

    Packaged in an 8 ounce clear reusable bottle with either a white or black spray top.

    Many of my customers have use this on their skin clothing and pets, there has never been any issues

    in my 12 years of selling this product. However, I can not guarantee that your pet or yourself do not have allergies.

    -For walking Spray on Ankles and pant area

    -For Brush removal and working in long grass spray on your ankle pant area, under arms

    and clothing up to your neck

    -Spray on your yard where kids and dogs play use at least  3/4 days and more when it rains.

    Please note you are using this product at your own risk