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  • Summer & Spring Candle Scents Ontario Canada Make your Homemade Candles


    I have been in Business for 15 years- I have Selected & Tested Fragrance

    Oils from Around the World and Have Come up With (in my opinion)

    Amazing Aromas to use in your candles soaps bath bombs, body sprays,

    and so on. They are the most unique and Consistent Small Batch Oils you Will Ever Find

    Fragrance Oils Phthalate & Parben Free

    These oils specifically designed for use in Candles, Soaps, Cosmetics

    Each Bottle is 30 mls or Choose 60 mls Both are Ready With a Dropper!

    For a List of all our Fragrance Oils Click Here

    Customers have used these in a diffuser and or make room sprays!

    Use to personalize scents to lotions, creams, hair care products, soaps, candles, and body care products.

     Please note you are using this product at you own risk. Do your research on candle and soap, room spray, bath body calculations

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    Comes in a 30 ml Amber Bottle