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Goji Butter Kingston Ontario Black Goji Butter Scent Free


Black Goji Butter is a creamy blend of 100% pure Black goji liquid extract and non-GMO Soy Butter. This creates a soft,

light yellowish-brown, butter base that is easily absorbed to provide intense nourishment to skin and hair.

The revitalizing and fortifying properties of this nourishing butter are known to quickly repair, soothe, and regenerate,

resulting in skin and hair that look and feel softer, smoother, brighter, and clearer.

Aromatic Description: Mild to no scent.

Common Uses: Black goji butter can be blended into creams and lotions to add rich

emollience and soothing properties. It is frequently used in skincare, haircare, massage, and bath products

designed for dry, irritated, mature, or sensitive skin.