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  • Dyer Balls With Lavender Spray - 3 Pack Pure Sheep Wool


    3 Pure Sheep Wool Dryer Balls Canada Dryer Sheet Replacement With Spray.

    • Drying your laundry quicker - dryer balls get in between the sheets/towels/clothing to allow warm air to reach more surface area and dry your laundry more quickly.
    • Making your laundry soft and fluffy - laundry dryer balls roll around with your laundry and help fluff up the laundry and keep your clothing, towels, and blankets soft.
    • Keeping your laundry chemical-free - when you use dryer balls with your laundry you no longer need to use liquid fabric softener or fabric softener sheets that are full of chemicals. You can instead go chemical-free!
    Just Toss All Three Balls Into The Dryer! Comes in a reusable muslin bag Farm Style With An 8 ounce rosemary essential oil spray

    Mist Spray Ingredients: Aqua & Lavender Essential Oi

    May be slightly different than picture