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  • Cream and Serum Stick Combo - Free Shipping

    Free Shipping!

    Receive 1 - 4 ounce container - 1 - 4 oz squeeze Container -

    and 1 .5 oz face serum twist up tube.

    ****The Serum stick and lotion squeeze container come unscented, however

    you can choose a scent for the cream that comes in the container if you wish


    The Sheep Shelf Famous Face Hand and Body Lotion is 8 years popular we started out at The Farmer's Market
    80% Milk With Shea Butter Coconut Oil & Vitamin e, Beta Carotene & Oat Protein
    4 oz Containers | Our Cream is Non Greasy - Order Scent Free or Choose an

    Essential Oil Scent (or add you own) Truly Amazing Skin Hydration With A Silky Feeling.
    Simply add a little and massage your face, hand feet, chest, arms and all other body parts. 
    Ingredients; coconut milk, goat/sheep milk, aqua, coconut oil, shea butter, beta carotene, vitamin e, oat protein
    emulsifying wax (plant based), paraben free antimicrobial preservative

    Serum Stick Ingredients
    This stick has all the ingredients for a perfect face serum by adding the hemp butter and candellia wax
    it creates a balm affect making it easier to apply to fine lines wrinkles and or dry skin. A little goes a long way!
    No preservatives are added to this creation
    9 Hydrating Amazing Ingredients:
    hemp butter, babassu oil, beta carotene (carrot root oil) rosehip oil,
    evening primrose oil, vitamin e, green tea extract, candellia wax, oat protein

    Uses: eczema, psoriasis,dry skin hydration