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Peppermint Capjute | Vitamin E | Natural Oils | Preservative Free

This item is out of stock
This item is out of stock

Enjoy amazing benefits from our pure body balms, full of antioxidants with an excellent fatty acid composition that nourishes, protects and softens. Vitamin E gives the balm an additional boost of antioxidants that have been said to heal stretch marks, scars and burns. Coconut oil is particularly beneficial having natural antibacterial and anti fungal agents, coconut oil for skin is an excellent moisturiser, it can penetrate in treating inflamed and irritated skin.

Your Balm will come in a see through container with a twist on lid so it is easy to slip into a bag.
Use on all external body parts including lips, Peppermint and Capjute is great for sinuses and chest congestion, also good for breastfeeding slave

2 ounce container

Ingredients; coconut oil, vitamin e,
shea butter, beeswax, soy wax, grape seed oil, evening primrose oil, olive oil
essential oils, order with or without lanolin (oil form sheep's wool) half of the olive oil will be replaced with lanolin

                                                            Use as a cream or ointment