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  • Candle Jar Transparent Include Lids - 10 Ounce Ontario - 12 Pack


    You will receive 12 Jars and their corresponding 12 lids.

    A transparent candle glass jar with a metal rose-gold lid is used for making candles.  

    The jar has a wide opening at the top to allow for easy pouring of melted wax.

    The lid of the jar is made from metal and has a rose-gold finish. This gives the jar

    a luxurious and sophisticated look, making it a popular choice among candle makers

    and consumers who are looking for a high-end option for their candle making needs.

    The transparent finish of the jar allows the candle inside to be seen, adding to the overall aesthetic of the jar.

    · Glass jars color: Clear jars

    · Diameter: 3'' = 7.62 cm

    · Hight: 3.5'' = 8.89 cm

    · Thickness: 1/8'' = 0.31 cm

    · Weight: 254g

    · Full Wax Capacity: 10 oz = 283.5 g

    · Suggested wax fill: 7 oz = 198.5g