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  • Candle Inserts Lilac & Lille's


    9 Ounce Drop & Light Candle Inserts / With Usable Label

    Approximate 50 hours of Burn Time.


    Enjoy Indoors or Outdoors!


    Choose your Wax

    During your Cart Option you can choose between Soy Wax

    And or Coconut Apricot wax (which contains no Soy)


    *Please note these are jar/container inserts they are not free standing candles.

    I have designed these specifically to fit in a 500 ml Small mouth mason jar!

    They will also work in a wide mouth mason jar and our 12 ounce Candle jar.

    And any other jar/tin that it will fit in.


    Your Can Choose a Scent or Scent Free

    If you Choose Scent Free you will be able to enjoy as scent free

    and or add a coupe of drops of your own essential/fragrance oil



    Drop the candle insert into your jar and or container and light it.

    For best results burn for at least 1.5 hours or until the wax burning pool is completely level.

    Before blowing out you may have to center your wick the best you can -

    my suggestion is to use a wooden or metal skew stick. Poke a couple of holes and

    gently move it to the center. Relight and repeat! 


     You can also tape the label onto the Jar/Tin!