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Almond Butter Kingston Ontario Almond Butter For Skin Care


Sweet Almond Butter is a blend of Sweet Almond Oil and non-GMO Soy Butter to

create a rich butter with a dense viscosity and smooth texture. Because this butter retains

all the natural benefits of Sweet Almond Oil, such as its high levels of essential fatty acids,

antioxidants, and Vitamins A, B, and E, it is perfect for lotions, creams, and body butters.

Especially designed to enhance formulations for dry skin, its creamy texture enables it to be used as is by those with very dry skin.

Aromatic Description: Mild to no scent.

Common Uses: This butter can be added to creams or lotions to make them ultra-rich and increase their

emollience. It makes a particularly helpful addition to products designed for baby care and sensitive skincare.

Almond Butter exhibits excellent spreadability on the skin, making it ideal as a massage butter or carrier for deeply hydrating products.