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Beeswax Yellow Beeswax Kingston Ontario Canada Candle or Skin Care Wax Refined


Beeswax Yellow is a pure natural wax secreted by honeybees. It can perform many different functions, acting as a thickener, texturizer, emulsifying agent, moisturizer, and skin protectant, among other uses. Some of its most popular applications lie in candle making, skin care, hair care, and cosmetics.

The intriguing behavior and versatility of pure Beeswax arise from its unique chemical makeup, known to be made up of roughly 300 different constituents including fatty acid esters, fatty alcohols, and free fatty acids. Its complex properties afford formulators an exceptional means of creating and manipulating both texture and viscosity for a more functional and appealing end product, from silky creams to elegant pillar candles.

This 100% natural wax is GMO-free. Its color is subject to natural variations ranging from light yellow to yellow depending on the batch. Customers can get either color depending on the availability. Color may also appear lighter over time due to a number of factors, including exposure to light, heat or the presence of efflorescence, which occurs naturally in beeswax when minor components migrate to the surface to create a hazy appearance.

Bead size: 4 to 5 mm

Caution: The melting point of this wax is between 62° and 65°C (143.6° to 149°F).

Warning: Never melt beeswax over direct heat, always use a double boiler! Beeswax does not boil, it just gets hotter and hotter until it ignites, and then it will burn ferociously.