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#3 Colourant | Mica for Soap | Bath Bombs | Make up...

#3 Colourant | Mica for Soap | Bath Bombs | Make up...

Coloured Mica! All For One

Approved for general cosmetics,  nail polish, lip and eye products, soap making, bath bombs, decorating candles, and general crafts. For external use 
only. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Do not inhale.

General Usage Directions:

Using your desired amount, blend the powder directly into either the oil
water phase of your recipe. Adding this colour to a clear nail polish or 
soap base 
will produce a rich sparkle while adding this colour to an opaque product
will generally produce a pastel or lighter coloured product with minimal
sparkle. For cosmetics, eye and lip products add the desired amount of 
the mica depending on your recipe or personal preference.